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Life Events

Significant shifts in employees’ lives — leaves of absence, marriage or divorce, bereavement, or having a child are all important moments in the employee journey. These occasions often include communications and tasks from HR, and any gaps in this communication can adversely impact the employee experience. Whether through a heartfelt message, a considerate gift, or a reminder of available counseling resources, showcasing support becomes a powerful tool.

Employee Parental Leave Templates

How to prepare for your upcoming parental leave
Benefits reminder
Returning to work tips

Manager Parental Leave Templates

{@employeename} is returning from parental leave next month
{@employeename} is returning from parental leave soon

Other Leave Templates

Final preparations before leave
Return to work tips

Employee Bereavement Leave Templates

We are sorry for your loss
EAP resources reminder

Manager of Employee on Bereavement Journey Templates

Employee support

Explore journeys