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Employee support


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

Following the loss of {@employeename}’s loved one, here is guidance on how to best support them during this time. Navigating such a challenging time requires empathy, understanding, and thoughtful communication.

  1. Express condolences: Begin by expressing your heartfelt condolences to {@employeename}. A sincere and compassionate message acknowledging their loss and offering support can provide comfort.
  2. Bereavement leave: Ensure that {@employeename} is aware of our company’s bereavement leave policy. If they need additional time or have specific requests, encourage them to discuss this with HR or the relevant department. Reassure them that taking the time they need is fully supported.
  3. Employee Assistance Program (EAP): Remind {@employeename} about our EAP, which offers confidential counseling services. Encourage them to utilize this resource if they feel it could be beneficial. Provide the contact information for our EAP provider.
  4. Team communication: Communicate with the team about {@employeename}’s situation while respecting their privacy. Share the news in a manner that is sensitive and emphasizes support. Encourage team members to be understanding and compassionate during this time.
  5. Check in regularly: After {@employeename} returns to work, check in with them regularly. Ask how they are coping and if there are any specific accommodations or adjustments that would make their return more manageable. Ensure they know that their well-being is a top priority.
  6. Offer resources and support: Provide information on additional resources available within the company, such as grief support groups, if applicable. Let {@employeename} know that you are available to discuss any concerns or challenges they may be facing.

Remember, each person grieves differently, and flexibility and understanding are key during this period. Your support as a manager can make a significant impact on {@employeename}’s ability to cope with their loss and navigate their return to work.

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