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Creating and aligning on your 90-day plan


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

As we prepare to welcome {@employeename} to our team, it’s crucial to ensure a smooth onboarding process. One significant aspect is the creation and alignment on a 90-day plan.

Prior to your employee starting, it is imperative you create and then discuss the 90-day plan with {@employeename}. This plan will serve as a roadmap for their initial weeks and months, fostering a clear understanding of expectations and objectives.

Attached/linked is the 90-Day Plan template [insert link or attachment]. Customize it based on the role and responsibilities and align it with {@employeename} during their first week.

A few things to consider for the onboarding plan:

  • Resources/Systems: Provide links to key resources and systems they will be using, along with training tools.
  • Stakeholders: Give a list of stakeholders and key contacts they should be in contact with during their first few weeks.
  • Meetings: Share any required/recommended individual/team/company meetings they should attend.
  • Goals: Provide a detailed schedule of goals and milestones they should reach in 30/60/90 days. This helps them feel like they are making measurable progress during an often overwhelming time.

Your proactive engagement in this process is key to setting {@employeename} up for success. If you have any questions or need assistance, reach out to [enter HR/onboarding contact].

Things to consider:

  • Customize this communication with your hiring manager to-dos.
  • Add in resources and templates to help them make a great onboarding plan.

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