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Leading in your communication platform


Message Template

It is important we walk the talk as leaders and use {@programname} to communicate and connect with our employees.

Utilize {@programname} to:

  • Connect with employees
  • Share authentic communications
  • Reinforce strategic messages
  • Recognize employees

“Take Five to Make Five”
It only takes FIVE minutes a day to make FIVE impressions in {@programname}. “Take Five to Make Five” is meant to be simple and fun. Whether it’s a few comments and likes each day or posting your own content, the five minutes you spend in the platform models the behavior we want to see in our colleagues. Here are some content ideas to get you started.

  • Share about your personal interests — your favorite book, a show you recently watched, etc.
  • Post a link to an article you find insightful.
  • Post a quick thank you or note of recognition to someone who has gone above and beyond.
  • Post a video about an initiative that is important to you. Elaborate on why it will be impactful to the organization and what you are doing to contribute.

Things to consider:

  • This section is great to tell people leaders how to utilize your Firstup communication platform.
  • Share any links or resources for people leaders within the platform.

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