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One-week check-in


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

As {@employeename} completes their first week with us, it’s a great time to schedule a one-week check-in. This informal discussion can go a long way in ensuring a smooth onboarding experience.

Here are a few tips to make the check-in valuable:

  • Welcome and acknowledge: Reiterate your excitement about their arrival and acknowledge their efforts in settling in.
  • Clarify expectations: Review any initial tasks, clarify expectations, and address any immediate questions or concerns. Ask if they have questions on their 90-day plan.
  • Build connection: Take time to know {@employeename} on a personal level. Understanding their goals and interests can help tailor their experience.

Your proactive engagement is key to {@employeename}’s successful integration. If you need any support or resources, feel free to reach out to your [HR contact].

Things to consider:

  • Add any manager to-dos for the end of week.
  • Provide questions they can ask their employees specific to your organization’s onboarding process.

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