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Disability Pride Month


Message Template

July is Disability Pride Month — a time to celebrate the inspiring history, notable achievements, and challenges overcome by the disability community.

At {@companyname}, we believe in fostering an inclusive culture that recognizes the diverse abilities each person brings to our community.

Who are persons with disabilities?

The disability community is broad. Whether it’s physical (hearing loss, visual impairment), mental (anxiety, PTSD, OCD), or neurodiversity (autism, ADHD), these different abilities all make up the disability community (plus caregivers!).

What are ways to celebrate?

[List events or ways to celebrate and support]

This month, let us join in celebrating Disability Pride by promoting awareness, understanding, and advocacy. Embrace the opportunity to learn more about the experiences of individuals with disabilities, challenge stereotypes, and work toward creating a more accessible and inclusive environment.

Things to consider:

  • If you have a Employee Resource Group (ERG) dedicated to supporting those with disabilities, include their resources in the message.
  • Include educational resources for employees to learn more about Disability Pride Month.
  • Be sure to include any information on events your company is hosting around Disability Pride Month.
  • Engage with your IT team to implement and launch accessibility improvement projects during this month.
  • Highlight how your company will be an ally all year.

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