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This year’s company goals


Message Template

At {@companyname}, our primary objective is to [briefly describe the overarching goal or mission of your company]. We are committed to [mention key values or principles that guide your company], aiming to [highlight specific outcomes or impact you hope to achieve].

One of our key focuses is [mention a specific goal or area of emphasis, e.g., innovation, sustainability, customer satisfaction]. Through [briefly describe some initiatives or strategies your company is employing], we strive to [mention the positive changes or improvements you aim to make].

Our company-wide goals for this year include:

[List company goals]

As part of our annual strategy, work with your leaders to come up with your team and individual goals. Once this is completed, add the goals to [enter performance process steps] by [enter date].

Things to consider:

  • Include your company-wide goals; consider adding it via a video with your CEO presenting.
  • Customize this communication with your company mission statement, values, and annual goals.
  • Add high-level instructions for how employees can ladder up with the goals and/or a deadline for creating team/individual goals.

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