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Your first team meeting


Message Template

During your initial two weeks, a crucial responsibility is to conduct a team meeting. Here are some tips on how to approach your inaugural team meeting as a newly appointed manager.

Preparing for your first team meeting

Amidst this period of change, it’s natural for your team to feel uncertain about the potential shifts accompanying a new manager. Acknowledging this apprehension can aid in reassuring your team. Mitigate concerns by sending a meeting invitation that includes the agenda and desired outcomes for your initial team meeting — ensuring transparency and minimizing surprises.

Know your goals

Your goal for this first meeting should be to:

  • Show you’re worthy of your team’s trust
  • Demonstrate that you’re ready to learn
  • Reinforce that your intention is to be helpful and supportive
  • Set the stage for future communications

While it may be tempting to explain your vision for change and what you plan to do, your team won’t get on board with your vision until they know they can trust you.

Gather what you’ve learned about your team thus far

Whether as part of the onboarding process or through a discussion with your own manager ahead of time, gather some key details about your new team beforehand. This includes things like:

  • Are there any existing issues you should know about?
  • Has the team recently earned praise for a successful project?
  • Has there been a turnover problem?
  • Has the team been there a long time, or are most employees relatively new?

Understanding these responses can prevent unintentionally triggering any sensitive issues right from the beginning, if such issues exist. It also provides an opportunity to adjust certain comments and information you choose to share with your new team.

Things to consider:

  • Provide a sample agenda for the team meeting so managers have an idea of what to include in the meeting.
  • Provide a checklist of topics to cover for the manager in their first few meetings.

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