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Open Enrollment preview


Message Template

U.S. employees will participate in Benefits Open Enrollment from [enter date]. To help employees make benefits decisions, a new pop-up topic — [enter name] — will be created and targeted to U.S. employees in the Firstup communications platform [enter name]. As a leader, we want to give you a preview of this important information.

What should leaders know about Open Enrollment?

  • Enter communications plan
  • Add where to find information
  • Share what is changing
  • Highlight the amazing benefits
  • Add action items for people leaders (e.g., remind U.S. employees)

Things to consider:

  • Customize this email with a high-level Open Enrollment overview, including big changes, positive benefits wins, and where employees can find communications.
  • Include contact information or links to where leaders can find resources in case they have to help answer questions for employees.

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