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What to expect your first week


Message Template

Welcome aboard, {@employeename}! We’re excited to have you join our team.

Kick off your first week with these important steps:

  • Set Up Your Workspace:
    • Confirm you have the right equipment and accounts. For tech support, connect with our IT team at [email address/Slack channel].
    • Collaborate with your manager to gain access to essential files, tasks, and information. Familiarize yourself with communication tools like email, Slack, Zoom and Google suites.
  • Complete Onboarding Paperwork: Take care of essential paperwork covering benefits, payroll, personal information, and emergency contacts. Questions? Reach out to [People Operations].
  • Immerse Yourself in Company Culture: Explore our employee handbook and understand our core values.
  • Attend Key Meetings:
    • Start your first day with a 1:1 with your manager to get acquainted and ask any initial questions.
    • Connect with your colleagues over a team meal or Zoom chat. Mid-week, have a 1:1 with your manager for an overview of ongoing projects and your 60-day plan.
    • Engage with teammates and collaborators through calendar invites; ask your manager what meetings to set up.
  • Friday “First Week Recap”:
    • Wrap up your first week with a chat with your manager or onboarding leader.
    • Discuss your week one experience, clarify expectations for week two, and address any questions or concerns.

Remember, it’s all about learning in your first week. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, and your manager is here to support you. Welcome to the team!

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