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Benefits in action 1


Message Template

{@companyname} aims to bring you the most inclusive total rewards package to help you live your best life. That includes employee perks, benefits, and policies, as well as health insurance.

One of those perks includes [enter perks like parental benefits, adoption benefits, fertility, healthy living wellness programs, etc.].

One example of how this perk helped an employee can be seen by [enter employee’s name and title]’s experience.

[Add a story on how the employee benefited from the benefit/perk]

Things to consider:

  • Instead of just including a guide with the benefits listed out, consider sharing stories throughout OE. This brings a personalized touch to your total rewards and will more likely be read.
  • Customize this story to highlight one of your perks and find an employee willing to share a story about how they lost weight with your step challenge or utilized the food meal stipend during parental leave.

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