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End-of-year performance review deadlines and guidance


Message Template

As we approach year-end, it’s time for the annual performance review process. Please take note of the following deadlines:

  • Self-assessment submission: [insert date] Complete your self-assessment and submit it via the performance management system by the specified date.
  • Leader feedback: [insert date] Leaders will provide feedback on your performance by this date.
  • Performance discussions: [insert date range] Leaders will schedule performance discussions during this period. Use this time to discuss achievements and areas for growth, and set goals for the upcoming year.


  • Be reflective: Consider your accomplishments and challenges over the past year.
  • Honest feedback: Provide and receive constructive feedback openly.
  • Goal setting: Set realistic and impactful goals for the next year.
  • Use resources: Refer to the performance management guidelines and resources available for a smooth process.

Thank you for your commitment to this process. Let’s ensure a productive and insightful performance review season.

Things to consider:

  • Customize this email with your performance process details and deadlines.
  • Include links to the review or instructions on how to access.

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