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New Open Enrollment topic & resources


Message Template

U.S. employees will participate in [year] Benefits Open Enrollment [enter date]. To help employees make benefits decisions, a new pop-up topic, [enter name and link to topic in Firstup communications platform], has been created. A shortcut is also available at the top of the web experience, and in mobile, to easily access benefits information.

This year’s Open Enrollment (OE) theme is [enter theme]. Consider this new topic a place for you to enroll and explore — sharing the amazing company benefits.

The topic and shortcut are targeted to all U.S. employees and will provide important information, reminders, and resources during Open Enrollment. All resources will also be available [add where benefits evergreen information will be stored]. Be sure to check the topic tomorrow for kickoff communications and key information.

Other OE resources:

  • Add links to other resources and reference materials.
  • Include any OE sessions, recordings, or HR open house sessions.

Things to consider:

  • Open a “pop-up” topic in your Firstup communications platform that is the one-stop shop for employees to find communications and resources during OE. Archive it after OE.
  • Create a theme to help break through the noise and make your OE communications more engaging and help ensure people enroll. Theme ideas include:
    • Rock Enroll 🎶
    • Benefits are out of this world 🚀
    • Ready, set, elect 🏈🏎🏁
    • Choose plans you love ❤️
    • Choose your destination 🏝🏔
    • Enrollment Now in Session! 📋

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