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30-day onboarding plan check-in


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

As we approach the 30-day mark since {@employeename} joined the team, it is important to check in with them on their onboarding experience. Your involvement is crucial in ensuring a smooth transition.

Please meet with {@employeename}, check in on their onboarding plan, and see what questions and concerns they may have. Here are a few questions you can consider asking:

  • How well did the onboarding process align with your initial expectations and understanding of the role?
  • Can you share your experiences in terms of team integration and collaboration during your first 30 days?
  • Have you felt adequately equipped with the necessary training and resources to fulfill your responsibilities? Do you have any suggestions or feedback regarding the onboarding process that could enhance the experience for future new hires and/or that I can help you with now?

Your commitment to their success is invaluable. If you need any additional resources or support, check out these onboarding resources.

[Enter resources]

Things to consider:

  • Add helpful resources for hiring managers.
  • Link to any onboarding guides, landing pages, etc., you may have in your organization.

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