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60-day onboarding plan check-in


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

As we approach the 60-day milestone since {@employeename} became part of our team, it’s the perfect time for a check-in on their onboarding journey. Your active involvement is key to ensuring a seamless transition.

Here are a few thoughtful questions to guide your conversation:

  • How well are you adapting to your new role, and are there specific aspects where you feel you may need additional support or clarification?
  • Can you share your observations regarding team dynamics and your interactions with colleagues? Is there anything that stands out positively or areas where you feel more integration is needed?
  • How aligned do you feel with the expectations set for your role, and is there any clarity needed on goals, objectives, or performance metrics?
  • Are there specific areas where you would like feedback or support for your professional development? Is there anything we can do to enhance your overall experience in your new position?

Your dedication to {@employeename}’s success is invaluable.

Things to consider:

  • Update these questions to reflect qualitative data your onboarding team would like to receive. Consider making the questions different from the survey.
  • Add any other action items for hiring managers to do.

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