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Within the first 90 days, 90% of new hires decide whether to stay or go — making communications pivotal in shaping their experiences. Laying a foundation for success on the very first day benefits the newcomers and also positions your company for sustained success.

New Hire Onboarding Journey Templates

Welcome to @companyname
What to expect your first week
Complete required training
Bookmark these company resources
We want your feedback! Take the pulse poll.
Live our mission, vision & values
Understand our company strategy
Action required: Review and sign our company policies
We want your feedback! Take the pulse poll.
Navigating our company communication tools
Learn our company lingo
Bring your full self to work
Take the 30-day onboarding survey
Creating your goals
Take the 90-day onboarding survey

Hiring Manager Onboarding Journey Templates

Creating and aligning on your 90-day plan
Best practices for communicating with your new hire
One-week check-in
30-day onboarding plan check-in
60-day onboarding plan check-in
90-day check-in & goal setting
Co-creating your employee’s goals

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