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Co-creating your employee’s goals


Message Template

As {@employeename} has now completed their first 90 days with {@companyname}, it is time to co-create their goals — aligning them with our company and team objectives.

I encourage you to schedule a meeting with {@employeename} to collaboratively define and discuss their goals for the upcoming year. Regular check-ins and celebrating milestones throughout the year will play a crucial role in their ongoing development and success within the team. Remember: Performance feedback is year-round and ongoing.

Once the employee has created their goals, be sure they document them [enter process or system links].

As a reminder, here are the company goals, including videos from our executives to help with alignment [link resources].

Things to consider:

  • Add in links to executive videos or other onboarding resources with the company goals.
  • Customize with the company performance details and how employees and managers should track goals.

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