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Day of the Dead


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Day of the Dead, or “Día de los Muertos,” is a vibrant and culturally significant Mexican holiday celebrated on November 1 and 2. It is a time for families and communities to come together to honor and remember their deceased loved ones. Families create elaborate ofrendas (altars) adorned with marigolds, sugar skulls, candles, and the favorite foods and mementos of the departed. It’s believed that, during these days, the spirits of the deceased return to the living world to enjoy these offerings.

The celebration also features parades, music, and festive gatherings, making it a unique blend of Indigenous beliefs and Catholic traditions. Day of the Dead serves as a beautiful and heartfelt way to keep the memories of the departed alive and celebrate the cycle of life and death.

Things to consider:

  • Add educational resources for employees to utilize to learn more about the Day of the Dead.
  • Include any company activities that may be happening in the office. Encourage those who celebrate to share any photos from their celebrations.

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