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Honoring Black History Month


Message Template

Welcome to Black History Month, a significant time to recognize achievements and shed light on the challenges faced by the Black community. At {@companyname}, we believe it’s crucial to go beyond mere discussion and truly engage in meaningful actions.

As we commemorate Black History Month, let’s pay tribute to the extraordinary contributions and accomplishments of Black individuals across time. Join us in recognizing and valuing the profound influence that Black leaders, visionaries, and everyday heroes have had on our collective history.

Things to consider:

  • Share your DEI commitment for Black History Month.
  • Share resources and ways to support/get involved with Black History Month.
  • Highlight any ERGs they can join or events to partake in.
  • Communicate about Black store owners to support.
  • Host a book or podcast club and have employees read a Black History Month-related book and discuss what they learned.
  • Highlight how your company will be an ally all year.

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