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Final preparations before leave


Message Template

Hi {@employeename},

Before embarking on a leave, you should ensure that you’ve completed all essential tasks and communicated effectively with your manager/team about your impending absence. This includes:

  • Wrapping up any ongoing projects
  • Delegating responsibilities to colleagues
  • Providing clear instructions for any tasks that may arise during their absence.

Don’t forget to set up an out-of-office email response with relevant details, such as the duration of the leave and alternative contacts. Additionally, you should organize and hand over any necessary documentation or information that may be needed in your absence. It’s advisable to inform key stakeholders and clients about the leave well in advance, managing expectations and ensuring a smooth transition.

Double-checking that all essential tools, files, and access credentials are readily available to the team will contribute to a stress-free break and a more efficient return to work.

Lastly, be sure all paperwork is completed before leave.

[Insert leave paperwork/process details]

Things to consider:

  • Be sure the employee who is going out on leave has scheduled meetings with their manager and team to give them the high-level details on their leave.
  • Provide the employee with a checklist of what they need to do before their leave.

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