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Creating your goals


Message Template

Dear {@employeename},

Congratulations on your journey with the {@companyname} team over the past couple of months! As you continue to settle into your role, it’s time for us to align and set goals together. As a reminder, here are the company and department objectives. This is an excellent opportunity for you to define your individual goals within this framework.

Your unique contributions are key to our collective success, and we’re excited to see how your goals align with our shared vision. Please be prepared to engage in discussions around this during your upcoming goal-setting sessions with your leader.

You will also need to document your goals here [enter goal setting process].

Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm. Let’s achieve great things together!

Things to consider:

  • Customize this communication with the performance process and where/how employees should set goals.
  • You may need to vary this communication depending on exempt/non-exempt employees since their goals are often tracked differently. Goal tracking can also vary amongst departments like sales.

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