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Benefits in action 2


Message Template

At {@companyname}, our goal is to offer an extensive total rewards package that empowers you to lead your best life. This encompasses not only health insurance but also a range of employee perks, benefits, and policies.

Among these perks are [mention specific perks like parental benefits, adoption benefits, fertility support, healthy living wellness programs, etc.].

Take a moment to explore how this benefit positively impacted [enter employee’s name and title] in their experience with our company.

[Add a story on how the employee benefited from the benefit/perk]

Things to consider:

  • Consider an engaging title and opening line that is customized for the heartwarming benefits story.
  • Instead of just including a guide with the benefits listed out, consider sharing stories throughout OE. This brings a personalized touch to your total rewards and will more likely be read.
  • Customize this story to highlight one of your perks and find an employee willing to share a story about how they lost weight with your step challenge or utilized the food meal stipend during parental leave.

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