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90-day check-in & goal setting


Message Template

Hi {@managername},

Congratulations on reaching the 90-day milestone with {@employeename}. Your commitment to their successful onboarding has undoubtedly played a crucial role in their integration.

Now is a good time for a final onboarding check-in with your employee and to begin transitioning to their annual performance goals.

Even though their onboarding journey is ending, this is only the beginning of your employee’s experience at the company. Be sure to continue weekly check-ins, team updates, project alignment, and recognition. Communication is imperative year-round.

Thank you for your ongoing efforts in fostering a positive onboarding experience. Your dedication contributes significantly to the success of our team.

Things to consider:

  • Add any specific hiring manager questions or action items.
  • Customize for your onboarding journey and add resources.

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